Economic Fitness and Complexity repository

Collection of the main EFC databases by Centro studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi

Economic Fitness and Complexity is a novel empirical framework for the analysis of national and regional competitiveness that is inspired by statistical physics and complex systems science. A key feature of EFC is its reliance on homogeneous and high-quality data, from which it effectively extracts information by aiming to achieve a minimal signal-to-noise ratio. This approach, which separates itself significantly from canonical econometric analysis and its reliance on weighted combinations of heterogeneous data, leads to a high scientific validity and testability of the results. The use of original algorithms designed for the evaluation of the competitiveness of countries and regions is strongly based on the empirical evidence and shows higher predictive performance with respect to the best conventional economic models but with a much lower data requirement. The connection to the observations and the use of an empirically motivated approach gives a high degree of reproducibility, in contrast with a black box approach.

On that bases, the implementation of High Quality databases and a thoughtful use of the available Big Data is central in EFC as much as the requirement of independent reproducibility of our analyses. In the following links, we collect the main repositories of the main databases accounted in the analysis of EFC.

The database covers the aggregation of the Services and physical Goods into a comprehensive dataset with the highest available homogeneity.

The database covers the national and sub-national Scientific Bipartite Network and the application of the Fitness and Complexity technique

The database covers the national and sub-national network build on patent production


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